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    Tribal Directory: Evil Alignment

    ~ E V I L _ A L I G N M E N T ~

    A - D (x1) . ~ . E - H (x1) . ~ . I - L (x0) . ~ . M - P (x0) . ~ . Q - T (x3) . ~ . U - X (x1) . ~ . Y & Z (x0)

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    A - D

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    Bad As Can
    Wherever the fuck, whenever the fuck -- we're comin' hard
    Tribe Recruitment Page

    Player Base: Not Recorded.

    We will cut a path through the nutcap presence moving into the Tahoe region. Tribe Tribe scalps will gain you much recognition from the tribe leader. We will carve a path through the unexplored frontier. Our goal is to be among the first to discover and conquer the combat and crafting aspects of the game. We will document our righteous path towards this goal... and make usd. Cut people in half, whatever. Recognizing what is needed to accomplish these goals, we ask that only players who own and use microphones apply. And speek Engrish. Finally, being that we are world leaders, our teamwork and organization will be of utmost importance. One of our most important goals is developing a solid knowledge base and in-game settlement for our tribe and allies.

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    E - H

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    Smoke 'em if you've got 'em.
    Tribe Recruitment Page

    Player Base: World Wide

    If you're the PVP solopro type, but like a tactically placed full-size tribal area to craft into a fortified PVP trap and to share basics kept fully stocked (tools, fish, mats)
    with a few others like us (14 currently) send GRiM a /w ingame and see what we have planned.

    -Yes it's an Evil PVP clan, but not at all really an immature one. Not saying don't speak freely, but we're not a bunch of screaming kids in voicechat. You know what I'm talking about. Average age right now is 21-29+.

    -We're here to win PVP by playerskill, and relax enjoying all this sand. It's a persistent world, and we will change it to our advantage.

    -Full access to everything but Kicks / Disband.

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    Harlequin's YouTube Account.
    Unknown is the sanity of one behind the mask
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    The Harlequin dot AU

    Player Base: Oceanic Timezone
    No griefing, exploiting or abuse permitted

    A close-knit community of MMO gamers which has become the largest of its kind in Australia over the years but still keeps the community style. Welcoming both crafters and combatants play styles for both PVE and PVP.

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    Q - T

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    Click to view our ~video~
    Templar . Lawful . Evil
    With our Might we bring Glory and Order!
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Templar's Website (Xsyon)

    Player Base: World Wide
    We welcome NA and EU players.
    Language: German

    We Rule with Power, Might, and Wisdom!
    Our Law and Blades will serve our Purpose true we will Floris in Battle leaving rebel tribes to lay in waste!

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    The Shadow Regiment
    How corrupt a soul am I willing to achieve?
    Tribe Recruitment Page

    Player Base: Not recorded.

    We are the Shadow Regiment, and we are Mercenaries. We do what others will not. We are not partial to any tribe, group, or person. If you pay us the right price, we will do anything you want.

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    The Tribe Tribe
    Just being a tribe

    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Player Base: Not recorded.

    Our main objective in the game will be the creation of a dominant tribe built around structural functionalism. I will be the boss and you will be given a fancy title representative of your sense of self-importance. The Tribe Tribe's recruitment strategy is a complex induction process involving groupies and bananas. If you are interested, feel free to buy a pack of bananas, video camera, tri-pod, and contact me.

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    U - X

    ~ . ~ . ~ . ~

    Warriors of Ice Chaotic Evil
    Kill with power !
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Warriors of Ice Forum

    Player Base: European Will play on EU server if it starts
    Language: French

    The Warriors of Ice are a band of brothers who fight for glory and to satisfy the gods of war. We plan to rebuild our mighty castle in the holy land during the Prelude and get ready for the war that is to come. We live off looting other villages & travelers. But you can also join the tribe without being a fighter, you can become a villager and stay within the walls of our Tribe Land to keep the army equiped and well fed. We are welcoming with open arms anyone who got enough guts to be a true brother until the end and who never retreat or surrender.

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