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    A Better Tomorrow - Good Alignment
    A better tomorrow focuses on PvP, PvE and Crafting
    ABT Website This website may not comply with Xsyon TOS, view at your digression
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Player Base: World wide, primary evening EST.

    After the Destruction of the Technology , we where scattered trough the new world. We know that it would commin, but we didnt saw it simply. We were civil engeneers and some military operatives from a European Military Unit, visting the United States for a technology transfer from the European Troops. All seems to go well, when the cataclysm appeared. Our memorys have faded and we forgot many from our past. Moste of us was originated from Germany, and now we was cut off from our home. Even in this new world, Europe was most deffinitly gone and all that we know was dead. But, many of us still remembered that there was a "Better World" that we had created through science and wisdom. So we make a decision. We would bring this new World "A better Tomorrow" through science and wisdom. And we would fight agains the forces that destroyed the world of yesterday. We would not make the same mistake like the people in the past.

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    Click to view our ~video~
    Templar . Lawful . Evil
    With our Might we bring Glory and Order!
    Tribe Recruitment Page
    Templar's Website (Xsyon)

    Player Base: World Wide
    We welcome NA and EU players.
    Language: English

    We Rule with Power, Might, and Wisdom!
    Our Law and Blades will serve our Purpose true we will Floris in Battle leaving rebel tribes to lay in waste!

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