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    invisible wall

    If you ever hit an invisible wall in game.This is how to pass through.You have to be in windows mode for it to work.Just keep your guy walking so you know when it works.Grab the edge of the screen and drag it around.It work most of the time on the first try,but sometime you have to do it a few times but it does work.
    Your welcome

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    Oh shit!
    I hope this isnt going to be like the Mortal Online exploit where people could drag their screens around while running, and it changed where the server saw them, so they couldnt be hit by other players. Im quite concerned about this now. That shit caused some big issues of assholes cheating in MO.

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    Good intention, Klecko, but I think you just gave the exploiters some ammo.

    (This was a problem in Darkfall for awhile, too.)

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