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    Who played SWG before the NGE?

    well just looking specifically if anyone ever happened to play on gorath and was rebel or even in Renegade Union?

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    played it at release but cant really remember since swg wasnt that special

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    I definitely played the first beta up through NGE.


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    Played it, loved it, from first day of release to NGE. Started out in Talus on Flurry. Remember being out sampling with another person and this gigantic creature stuck it's head over the hill in front of us - we were so shocked to see our first Huf Dun.

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    those things were so cool! HUGE!il never forget dying to a pack of rancid crazed durnis my first time trying to hunt things!crazed durnis LOL little fuzzy rabits with rabbies lol

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    If you look back at the posts about SWG pre all the changes you will find hundreds of complaining posts - the combat was shit, there was not space element, it was very very very buggy, the performance was atrocious, need I go on?

    Lets not look back through rose tinted glasses.

    SWG was an OK game but was ruined by the terrible combat system that it started with. Everquest in space just did not cut it in the star wars universe. Star Wars is pew pew FPS shoot em action not auto target, point and click type of shit.

    The new upgrade to combat was a step in the right direction but the engine could not cope with a real FPS style combat system.

    The way they changed the core game like the classes and skills was a terrible terrible decision.

    I really loved Jump to lightspeed and there is no MMO that has the freedom of SWG of being able to explore a planet and then get in your space ship and go explore space.

    Just a shame it does not quite work.

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    yea CU was something needed but diffently not NGE that ruined the good parts of the game, i combat wasnt as bad as people made it out too the only problem was temploiting and that a few "classes" was broken beyond playable, but i loved kicking pistoleer/swordsmen (or what ever the fom was) with just tkm/doc

    tarquinas oldschooler here btw

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    I played SWG pre CU and pre NGE, server name was Bria if i do remmember right. Loved it, was my first mmorpg. I quit after they started to mess it up. Still have the orginal box with game and addons.

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    The members of my tribe and myself are SWG vets. That game left a hole that no other mmo has been able to fill. But this one feels like it finally might.

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    Yep remember it fondly. The character creation was great, the world was great. Horribly unbalanced, but those that liked it LOVED it. CU was definitely a step in the right direction but NGE totally ruined the game forever for me and thousands of others.

    You can read launch posts on almost any game and will see a ton of complaints about things (WoW included). This game has been an exception to the rule so far but we haven't launched yet either. I'm sure there will be a ton of "there's nothing to do in that game" comments.

    Point is, SWG was alot of people's first entrance into a sandbox world with many character options that didn't all revolve around combat. Before SWG, pretty much only UO let you actually LIVE in the world.

    Oh and who can forget seeing a Jedi for the first time pre-NGE.... epic.

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