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    Hi there

    Hi there,
    I decided to pre order Xyson after watching saintbobs videos. I haven't pre ordered a mmorpg since Asherons Call was released.
    I'm the loner type but am going to be looking for a peaceful/crafting tribe this time.
    I've been kind of jaded with mmorpgs lately but Xsyon looks to have a lot of features going for it. Hoping the game has a long successful future.

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    Welcome to Xsyon, and the Apocalypse.

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    Hey buddy, welcome to Xsyon.

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    Welcome and Enjoy!

    And welcome back Darkrounge

    This is Celestial.

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    Welcome to Xyson! Theres a lot of peaceful tribes forming, sure you will have no problem finding a home

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    Welcome If you are looking for a big, peaceful, easy-going tribe check out Hopi. If you prefer a smaller community there are new tribes forming everyday, you will surely find one which fits you.

    Have fun

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