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Thread: Marriage

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    Yes? No? Thoughts? Suggestions? I can see it being fun for a limited number of players. It would give the game another social stone to build with.
    Limited buffs of some kind maybe if there not so good that everyones getting married because of it.

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    Need a "Could care less" option.

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    Marriage has been suggested before, in a less simpler form:

    But I think it'd actually be a great opportunity for those "Serious roleplaying" communities.
    But why can't you just roleplay being married, get an ingame priest to marry you both and there you go.

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    It would be good to see profiles for players, will player written descriptions etc for RP purposes, Marriage could easily be involved in that with a set partner displayed.

    It could even be a more formal thing if religion is added later, with marriage being a skill, requires two crafted rings, and a priest with x amount in religion to complete.

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    only with religion

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkrounge View Post
    But why can't you just roleplay being married, get an ingame priest to marry you both and there you go.
    This, there is no need for a coded option, players can organize way better weddings than the coded ones.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illmaculate View Post
    Jadzia wanna get married in game? We can hold the ceremony on top of a junk pile.
    What an honor. Very nice to see that deep inside in your heart you love me, lol. But no thanks, I'd better get married with a rock on the beach, I'm sure it would make a much more gentle hubby than you

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    SWG used to have wedding rings that you could give to someone and if they wore it would show you as their spouse when you examined them.

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    Christ, being married IRL is enough for me. Dont think I could handle it in a world I come to for fun, lol.

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    My wife badly wants to play the game with me and get married in it hehe. I guess one time wasn't enough.

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    Sounds good, why would anyone vote no?

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