Date: Evening, 12 days after the event.
Subject: Jaida, former electrician.
Status: Parcial Amnesia.

I can't remember a lot of things before the Xsyon effect, I feel I had a family but that feeling it's fading. My lips are dry and my throat hurts since I wake up in the wild just few days ago...

It was said that was an event of cataclysmic dimensions but controlled and turned into a weapon where the very reality colapses with other dimensions shatering almost every organism in the area of effect. Now I can say that the "controlled" part wasn't exactly accurate.

I'm no scientist, don't ask me about any technical data but I know that human kind was headed to space. Something about a mass effect and the possibilities of building antigravity engines, deflector shields and sci-fi bullshit... [sight] don't know man, I never swallowed all that facade of war after the terrorist attacks of 11/12. I know there is something but I just can't remember, is like when you think where you were before birth.