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    Character clip range...

    Significantly increase character clip range. I can see fires from about 47,000 miles away, but players disappear at around 50-75 yards or so. Many things (baskets, walls, logs, etc.) need a much further clip range. If some people are worried about performance, then create a new slider or two in the Options.

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    same with names, i never can be sure, is this person from my tribe or not, friend or foe, what his name etc. until i come very close to him
    also black title almost cant be read on earth background

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    The chat window area could use a transluant background also. Text get's very hard to see at times.

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    I agree 100%. Players should at least be a top priority.

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    Pronto, please!

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    Pronto x2.

    Tired of trying to locate people when exploring. It's always:

    "Where did you go?"

    "Where are you?"

    "Did you crash?"


    "I can't see which <insert bag/stash> you're talking about. Oh, nevermind. I had to step on it to see it."

    More clip range, please. Like... Over 9000x more. Just like fires.

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    I shall be persistent in my ways.

    Jooky, there are people who run Xsyon on something more powerful than a calculator.

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    I agree. Just add a slider so we can decide the clipping range.

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    The clip range should be increased, it is really retarded that you can not see anyone from such a close range.

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