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    Calling all Rednecks - Tribe will be good until the rift raft of the outside world come a calling.

    GreyWolf Is leader For Now. Elections will be scheduled. RP players preferred.

    Private basket's for your crafting needs is a must. Tribal Baskets and Resource Stacks exist for all Tribal Members to use, but replace what you use.
    Tribal Cloth Baskets will be open for all, but gather 4 bundles of cloth and sort the bundles into the right bins BEFORE you take any cloth out.
    Don't come back to the Tribal Area empty handed - Scavenge Scavenge Scavenge
    Tool Bins will be used for the loaning of tools as long as you replace the tools before you log off
    *Mature Adults sought for friendly ribbing and/or attack of non-Rednecks.
    *No discussion of Politics or Sex allowed. Smack Talk shall go Private.
    *Pvp for players who desire it; peace and quiet for those who don't.
    *Non-Redneck players will be admitted per Tribal Vote. Not everyone is perfect.
    *Tribe will name change to Rednecks.
    *voting will be held regarding TeamSpeak or Ventrillo.

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    Hey, this is Kroom...
    With the announcement of the ten man minimum requirement for tribes what do you want to do?

    A few options...
    1) Go with the location we have now and setup a Homestead (smaller land grab) and try to recruit eight more.
    2) Go with the location we have now and setup Homestead with the intention of us joining a tribe later. Wait out the politics and lands grabs for a little bit.
    3) Try to join a tribe prior to wipe. I don’t know the community well enough to know who to avoid. My opinion is based on forum activity only.

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    I would go with all three but a have seen a lot of totem locations and most are major fails. The future needs to be planned for when farming and animal husbandry kick in. Plus the rest of the animals going live will put a crimp in a lot of plans.

    That area would make a very good location for a town just like it used to be.

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    there might be another wipe due to server problems. Totem is in the same location as before.

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    Calling all good ol' boys!
    If you’re interested learning how to survive with a small group, minus the drama…

    Rudder, if you're keeping PMs off send me one with your e-mail please.

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