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    Another survivor signing in..

    Hey there..

    At some point I promised myself, that I won't preorder any game ever again. But.. here I am, checking the download bar of Xsyon patcher every now and then.

    Have played quite a few theme park MMOs, no point to mention them here I guess..

    Worth to mention is Fallen Earth.. The post apo atmosphere was awesome, I am hoping to find it here in Xsyon again. Fallen Earth was bit too themeparkish for this kind of setting(as sidenote I haven't understood, why they call it a sandbox MMO tbh). So after I hit the levelcap there, got all crafting recipes done, faction etc, there was nothing else to do there.
    So I left to Darkfall.. Loved character progression, was one of the rare games, where you can't hit the cap in few months. As much as I love character progression curve there, there isn't much to do when your main focus isn't PvP. I don't say I don't like PvP, but being forced PvP upon me all the time gets tiresome a bit. Also there was not enough sand in Darkfalls Sandbox.

    So that was deciding factor to try out Xsyon. It is PvP in this game, but it is not main focus, which suits perfectly to me. Which I am more interested to find out though, will the character progression also suitable for me. Kinda dislike the implemented soft cap and skill decay.. but you can't just have it all.

    So, to cut long story short.. Hi once more, hope to see you all in game soon(1.5 gigs to download still).

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    Seem to be a lot of us getting sucked in that said we would never pre-order again XD Been stung so many times in the past but Xsyon has been very refreshing so far!

    Hope you enjoy your stay

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    Hello and Welcome to Xsyon!


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    Hey mate, welcome to Xsyon

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    Welcome Rixk, hope you enjoy the game as much as we all do. Few things for ya, /y is global chat in game and /w [name] is whisper. Eating is done by fishing, which requires a pole, also you can forage for oats, flowers and such. You do not have to pick fishing or foraging in your character creation, it is a gathering skill and can be used by anyone. If you have any questions or issues, please ask in game or post here in the forums, the community is a great one and we are all here to help and have fun. Again, welcome to Xsyon!


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    Welcome to Darkf.. err Xsyon

    Good to see more and more people joining who come from Darkfall and like PvP (to some extent anyway).

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    Nice to have some more Darkfall people here. I'm leading the VexX division for Xsyon. Our Darkfall Divsion, under Hellrazor, is in the Rebel Alliance. A lot of us have had a stint in Darkfall (I was TRA for summer '10), and we're always looking to recruit for Xsyon. Send me a PM if you want to chat ^_^ Either way, welcome to Xsyon!

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    Thanks for warm welcome

    My first weekend in Xsyon is over and I had a blast.
    When I first logged in, I was like... what is going on, the gameplay vids I have seen, all those had nice green textures, but my game is bland and white/grey. Thought something was wrong with my client, but then I realized, that it was winter
    So I ran around aimlessly for a while. After visiting few empty villages I thought I need a goal. I remembered, that I have seen someone mention junkpiles in one of the gameplay vids, so I made a goal for myself to find one of those junkpiles. So I ran and swam randomly once again, but at least I had a plan now. After a while I found a junkpile, lucky I had left my resource window open, otherwise I wouldn't have found it under the snow. During winter everything just looks the same.
    Now I could start to scavenge and gather scraps of different junk to skill my toolcrafting. I did very well I think, I can make now most of the necessary tools, I only need a saw and axe still(that saw blade is a pain to find), then I could supply myself with any tool I need, currently wooden parts are all off limits to me. If I get that saw, I can start working on my camp, it could use a tent.

    Now I only need to think, if I want to join a tribe at launch or do I continue my life as a hermit. Both have its positive sides.

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