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    hi i dont know much

    is there full loot pvp?
    Is this game simliar to darkfall? I played dark fall and found myself spending hours and hours to make a raft that could had been bought with an hours worth of harvesting some plant. And i always got stabbed in the back and all my stuff stolen. Not too much lots of griefing.

    Does it take forever to harvest stuff?

    Is the economy messed up like in darkfall for instance in dark fall the resoucres to make something were worth more then the object that was crafted.

    How is the community? bunch of trolls?

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    is the game population dead or non existence? In darkfall when i left the little city there was no one and nothing around, not even animals.

    Does it take forever to travel in that game? My only other example to such a game like this is darkfall, which could easily take 30mins to go from point a to b.

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    I'm new to the game, but i'll give you my impressions.

    It is full loot pvp.

    Crafting doesn't take long if you have all of the tools and mats. However, all of these things are player made, so it may take time if you don't have the tools

    harvesting doesn't take that long.

    I haven't seen much of the economy. I don't think the game is mature enough for it to really develop. However, it will be player driven from what I can tell.

    The community is pretty good. Much better than most games I see.

    Travelling can take a bit depending on how far you are going.

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    cool thanks for the reply.

    is the pvp pretty bad? will i get stabbed in the back if im out cutting a tree down? When did u get the game? i want to get it but i want to wait until i can find out more about it. Are there lots of npcs in game or is it dead?

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    k, where to start?
    I have been playing since March 3rd, 2010, 5 days after the server went up, if I remember right. Here are a few things that the game is to me, oh and by the way I have been playing MMORPGs since EQ1.

    Remember leaving Neriak and running out to Nektulos Forrest? Remember the first skelly you saw and wanted to run up and bash it? If you do... then you are on the right track! Xsyon is a game of discovering, just like the first time you ventured out of that spawn point. As my sig states, if you woke up in a desolate world, and you had a backpack with a few tools, and recipe book, and the clothes you had on... and you had to survive.... what would you do first ?

    I see the question in game all the time... "Hey I just logged in, what do I do now?" Just my point... what do you do now? Too many games have a guy standing there with a ! or ? over his head and a shiny line on the ground that points you right to the next person. This doesn't!

    So I found this scrap of paper in a junk pile I woke up on... some metal near by and a peice of pencil on it.... I thought I should keep track of what I am seeing in case someone finds me dead later or I need to share my findings with others. I am not sure how I got here or even where I am....

    Day 1.
    I have checked out my surroundings and found a lake nearby, its a large lake with some native North American folage and trees. From the looks of the surrounding mountains I could be in the Western United States. I have seen a few racoons, a coyote and a small black bear. Near my resting point where I woke up, I found a backpack with a few tools and a shovel. I am going to try and make a weapon or sorts so that I can eat.. darkness is coming!

    I was able to kill a racoon, I skinned it, got a few bones and made a needle, with some leather strips I cut from its fur I was able to make some warmer shoes for my travels tomorrow. I need to find some shelter. Darkness has set in. First night here I come.

    Day 2.
    I woke to the sounds of chickens this morning, and a frosty surrounding. My shoes I made kept my feet warm through the night, if I can find a few more racoons I could make a full suit of warmer clothing.
    The vegitation around offers a few oats and berries, I need to find something to start a fire today.

    Was able to find some racoons and a coyote, got some warmer gear on, still need a fire, the stuff I am foraging for is not enough to keep my strength up. Saw a stream today, perhaps tomorrow a fishing pole. Still nothing to start a fire.

    Day 3.
    Was startled this morning to the sounds of voices, others? As I located a few others that were as in bad a shape as I was we talked about what had happened, no facts other then we all knew that the world we once knew was gone.

    As I spent the day with these few others, we were able to gather some fish, kill a few more animals. I shared my knowledge of the warmer clothes and was able to make them some items as they gave me some fish.

    One of them had a flint that he had found while looking for a sharp rock, fire at last, I think I will stay in the proximity of the warmth for tonight.

    Day 4.
    The sun hit my face and the warmth opened my eyes, I was alone again, no fire, and just as lost as I was 4 days ago. As I sit here thinking about what I know... no lights, no modern weapons as I remember, no radio or hell no technology as far as I can see.... nothing but mounds and mounds of junk. Today I am going to find some shelter, I need to find a way to protect myself, I will survive, but for how long is yet to be decided.

    Found a belt buckle
    some screws
    10 metal bolts
    an old saw blade

    I am going to keep track of my inventory, there are all kinds of things that can be found on the mounds. There are even areas where cloth and leather pile up... I bet I could make some better clothes or even some make shift armor to help protect me.

    I need a bigger basket or a larger backpack

    Day 5.

    Day 6.
    So I have wondered a ways from where I woke up today... I have found an area I think I will try to make a place.... nice river near by, some trees, and of course a mound.

    I will have a tarp done today, a tent by tonight.... who knows by tomorrow!

    This gives you an idea of the start of your new adventure......

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    Awesome post there mate.

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