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    Question Macro poll. Yes or No?

    I would say no. Ruins the time and effort all the other players put in.

    EDIT: Lets say for punishment purposes. For yes its insta ban and no its 1 warning then ban XD

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    Xsyon Citizen Ex0dUs101's Avatar
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    Its already been stated they are not allowed, theres a massive thread on Macro's already.

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    Hell NO.

    Macroing ruined Darkfall for me.

    Macroers are just assholes.

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    Might not be allowed, but if enforcement is left up to player policing and GM's then it will ruin the game. If macroing gives any form of advantage, players will find a way to do it and not get caught. Anyone who says otherwise is being naive.

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    I think the best thing is to make macros difficult to use. For now a simple autoclick can allow u to fish.

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    Macros shouldn't be allowed, but because there is no way to stop them except having GMs act as a sort of secret police, it will never be enforced. Plus, if you give GMs the power to give 24 hour bans on suspected macroing individuals, you can bet safely some of them will abuse it.

    Stop a macroing program? Great, buy a logitech keyboard and you can still macro. I haven't seen a game that actually deals with this problem, and I highly doubt this will be the first.

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    Blackice, we don't need polls like this.

    Macroing is illegal in any MMO. Only reason attended macroing was allowed in DFO was because everyone was macroing and the devs would have had to ban like 90% of the population.

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    I really just wanted to get peoples opinions on it. i can see only around 10% of people would support that in general. Keeping in mind that its still illegal its kinda like asking a pothead if he should think weed should be legalised.

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    If there is a zero tolerance policy on macros then I am sure it will cut down on the macroing. Just a simple rule anyone caught using macros will have their character deleted.

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