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    Clarification on skills!

    i was reading willbonneys post about skills and such and what i dont understand is he says i have 6 skills i can put points into then he lists 8 skills that govern other things in the game!how many skills are there and how many skill points do i get to put into my skills?If someone could pls list me the skills i would appreciate it!

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    Hmmm, only been playing 2 days but I'll try to help. At character creation you get to put points into your Stats such as Strength, Fortitude, Agility, Dexterity, Intelligence, Spirit, Perception, and Charm (I don't think I missed any - if you look in Announcement section of forums the first entry has a link to the game manual that lists the Stats and what they affect). There are a lot more skills than Stats and my understanding is that more skills will be added soon.

    So far I haven't had Stats increase beyond what they were when I finished Character Creation. Skills on the other hand have increased with usage. At least when it comes to crafting - I assume that it's the same with combat but not sure. At creation you get to pick which skills start with a boost - as in you start with all skills at level 5 and you get to choose which of those to boost to level 25 - You pick a type of combat, a weapon type, two basic things (such as scavenging, hiding, fishing, etc.) and a crafting skill. You also get to choose the shirt, pants, and shoes you'll come into the world wearing.

    So for example I started with Armed Combat, Blades, Fishing, Scavenging, and Tool Making - But I'm not limited to any of that - I can if I wish work up my Unarmed Combat, fight with an Axe, make Baskets, and cut down trees. There are lots of other choices too, this is just an example.

    Hope this answers your questions.

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    thanks that was actually perfect i appreciate it

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