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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Feb 2011
    Seoul, South Korea
    I'm in Korea.
    When I play Darkfall I get 350 ping on the EU server and 120 on the US server.
    Let's not move the server, please.

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    Great Idea, EVE server are on iceland right ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dfend View Post
    UK gameserver would be awesome. Its a prime server location for US and Europe with acceptable pings from Middle East too. Personally, I ping 38ms to the IP
    I bet Middle East is like a bad word said on TV for most people... The percentage of players from Middle East playing mmorpgs is so minor that we are shat on constantly. To the point that Final Fantasy XIV even had no payment method for players from any of the Middle Eastern countries and I had to register my cc via my friend in Netherlands real adress.

    On the topic: Yes, I'd love the servers to be located in UK, but since our Dev is from US we most probably can only keep dreaming about this. Best case scenario is they open EU servers just like Darkfall opened US servers and let us transfer our characters to them one day.

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    I vote keep the servers where they are at. 26ms pings to the current US based server.

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    Xsyon Citizen Saorlan's Avatar
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    Animal Crackers
    I totally agree that the servers should be in the UK - it would open the game to far more players. I am in India and connecting to the US is bad shit - Europe is far more accessible to the rest of the world (apart from Australia)

    I vote UK servers!!!!

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Feb 2010
    United Kingdom, North Yorkshire.
    I think Jooky got someone to host it for him, someone he knows.
    Better then hosting it on a unreliable computer that he knows nothing about! I say keep it where it as for the time being. Yet, until you actually get a stable release.

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    Xsyon Citizen
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    Germany ... NO U!
    I have 110 ping from Germany and think it's more than enough for this game. However, moving the servers to UK would definitely lower the average ping for the whole player base.

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    make a poll !

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    East coast US atleast for an international server. I would presume if there was the need
    for another server it would be in Europe.

    And the ozzies can't even play cricket, so a high ping for them really makes no difference.

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