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    Couple looking for a tribe in Southern Area

    Hi all - we've been in game for a couple of days and have fallen in love with the southern part of the lake. Are there any tribes recruiting in that area?

    Probably the best info I can give you about us is that we both have fallen in love with Xsyon - it reminds us so much of the first days of SWG.

    My hubby is more the pvper, I'm more the settler type. There again, I have done more killing in Xsyon so far than he has - more animals, and got the creep that attacked us while we were fishing.

    The biggest problem we usually have with finding a guild/tribe is that I never use Vent (I can't stand cussing) and hubby always uses it. So if Vent is a requirement we would not be a good fit and if Vent is unavailable we will not be a good fit.

    We are in US Mountain Time and usually play 20+ hours a week depending on real life. We qualify as oldsters, as in we're grandparents (funny story from SWG, kept being asked if I was RL female and told I needed to prove it - I pointed out that since I was old enough to be their mother they probably wouldn't really like the proof).

    Hopefully I haven't scared off the perfect Tribe

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    Templar is always looking for members who can fit our requirements.

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    We are settled just off to the south westerly direction close to Cedarat, but you sound like you would fit in great with the Hopi.

    Vent is not a requirement, the leadership appreciate its not for everyone, the roleplay types much prefer communication ingame, and there are a big mix of settlers, crafters, hunters, pvpers, from all walks of life.

    Feel free to take a look at the website

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    I just wanted to backup Exodus by saying that Hopi might just be the tribe you're looking for. We already have a husband/wife who were pretty much in the same boat you're in now, and they love it. Me? I found out about this game 6 days ago, joined Hopi after 2 days, and now I've already got a group of people I can laugh with on a daily basis. It really is a nice community.

    Welcome to Xsyon, good luck, and see you around!

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