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    Question Log bridge

    Any way you can fix it so we can drop a log and it not auto stack it's self on another log so we can make bridge pic's show example 1st then the one I cropped to show my example.

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    Log bridges used to be possible, but they changed mechanics, so I doubt that will change again.

    It would be more preferable to have actual constructable bridges, where logs would be simply one of the components to build them. Of course, they would need to be an exception from being able to build on tribal land.

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    I don't know about specifically for making bridges, but it really bugs me how logs are placed on the ground. It almost seems to have no effect where you put your mouse to let go of the log. I really wish that when you drag the log out of the slot, you see a "ghost" of the log on the ground where it will be placed that is based on where your mouse pointer is and when you let go of the button the log gets placed in that spot. Kinda hard to explain what I'm talking about, but hopefully you guys get the idea. Ideally, you should be able to place it anywhere, but obviously if you moved the mouse close enough to another log of the same type, it would sort of "snap" to the other log.

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