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    Camp fires and energy

    In line with wilderness living, resting near the warmth of a camp fire should net you more energy faster than just resting out in the open. It also shouldn't matter whether you made the fire or someone else.
    This will actually make people seek out those fires they see in the distance and would cause camp fires to be a social area where people would randomly meet.

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    Absolutely agree.
    I thought this was planned but not working yet.

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    Aye, fires are supposed to increase your comfort level so that you regen faster. They (fires) are incomplete at the moment. They don't even require extra fuel once they are lit


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    Very nice idea, I would like to see an effect on energy regeneration when sitting/lying close to camp fires.

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    Ah great, if was already planned then even more props to the fantastic development team. I just didn't see anything about it when I searched.

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