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    Both mouse button pressed

    I dont know if i post in the right place ..

    I think that when we have both mouse buttons pressed the toon must start run / walk whatever is our move mode at the moment . I think it will help a lot.

    --- my first post ever

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    First thing i've tried ingame, walk with mouse !

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    I always try to do this. And fail.

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    I like this feature.

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    Using the bug tracker, you are able to get to the suggestion tracker not sure if this is the OFFICIAL location, but it is at least up and running for now.

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    Yes I like this style of movement - I can't recall what game does that but both mouse buttons = move = excellent.

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    not sure how you may move and fight with mouse buttons binded to strikes with left and right hands, but yes, its almost in-games standard

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    When in combat mode this feature may be disabled ... just a thought

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    I'd like to see mouse movement enabled as well...I've gotten used to it in other games and like the freedom it provides. Mouse movement+keyboard shortcuts for other actions seem to work real well for me at least...

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