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    Placing of Buildings and Walls

    A bunch of us noticed last night, that while placing walls and tents, you are restricted in 90 degree angles when placing, is there any plan to fix this, makes for some very ugly camps if you cant wall it off correctly.

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    Does it matter if the ground has been leveled first?

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    need a level spot to place, but then you can push into rougher areas. might be a bug. Can even push walls out side your tribe zone. This may be because tribe zone size may change based on number in tribe and walls need to be able to exist outside the zone.

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    45 degree angles would be nice to have. or rotate by 5 degrees would be even better ..lets hope it comes in.

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    45 degree angles would satisfy my building aspirations. Hopefully it is expanded

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    We've tried it on lvl ground, it only allows you to rotate 90, smaller increments would be nice, at the moment, you have to zig zag to place a wall in at an angle other than 90

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