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    Unable to connect to parch server

    Hi, I just preordered the game and downloaded the installer, but I keep getting the message 'Unable to connect to patch server'.

    Would appreciate the help.

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    Hello. Our patch server is currently offline for a patch. We had the downtime estimated at around an hour but a problem was found. We don't like releasing buggy patches so the problem is currently being looked into and fixed. Thanks!

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    Well, thanks to you for the quick reply, I'm looking forward to play the game.

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    Any patchnote around please so we can wait with something Xyson-related to read ?

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    We will release the patchnotes when we open the patch server back up. We want to give you guys the full scoop after all

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    It's like a knife stabs in my hearth.

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    The patch server is back up! Hop on in and see the fun new additions!

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