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Thread: prelude?launch?

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    so need to get this clarified, right now we are in prelude right?
    and after prelude comes launch?
    when is the launch set for?

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    Now, it's beta.
    18 feb is launch for preorder, and that is Prelude.
    Several months later (6+), there will be expansion of the world.

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    no right now we are still in beta.

    Prelude begins 18fb for pre order and lauch if u understand release by this on mars 1 for everyone.

    Prelude is the construction of the world, it will take may be 6 month...and after there are only rumors no one really now what will hapen.

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    Prelude takes longer, its the version of the game we play in. (asfar im aware), kinda like chapters of a book.
    the head-start launch will be the 18th (pre-orders) the normal launch is two weeks later.

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    we get early access till march 1st and then we wait 6 months and Well the skys the limit, to a bigger map to play around on to a whole new technologically advancing discovery being made and changing the lifes of us in game forever.

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