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    Germany ... NO U!

    EU Server coming!

    That I didn't expect, guys. I'm really happy, since I'm playing from EU, but also worrying about the population.

    What do you think?

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    Thx for listening to us

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    This sux as the european server won't be up at 18 february.

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    Im glad to hear about european servers! And more glad about hear that players can choose whichever to play, even if the servers is not located in their zone.

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    maybe we can start on the us server and transfer to eu when its become up

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    We are about 20 players from germany, austria and swiss. We are really looking forward to Xsyons launch.
    And now i really feel bad about that decision.
    1st of all i know that when i start at Friday it won't last long for me, as it is technically better to play on an EU Server even if this game is about pvp. So Friday is just another wipe for me, the game really starts with the launch of the european server
    I wonder if this EU Server will have it's population, but ok i know that one EU Server will be filled up after some time.
    But why they plan Servers with different pvp rulesets?

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    Players will be able to connect to both locations if they desire. You won't be forced to play on a particular server, but this will give European players much better connections if they choose to play on the new servers.
    I wonder if this means we can connect with the same character or just to each server but with different characters.

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    im not sure its the best idee - more i think is bad idee
    im from europe and have decend pings around 140 (enough for mmorpg)
    it will split up community
    personally i would like to stay on US server but all depend from how many EU guys stay on US
    i like idee of one global server when no matter when you go online you have people to play with
    i liked it in DFO on beginning same in EVE or lately in Perpetuum

    i dont know numbers how many people purchase Xsyon and i don't know future - but its niche game and i don't expect great numbers of players + devide it by 2 - seems bad idee...
    but i hope that devs knows number of players that buy game from different regions and thats why they made that decision - not only because whine of few ppl

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    Oh no,
    this is the worst decision since i joined six month ago. I'm pretty sure this will kill the game. The game will have a really low player base compared to other games and splitting this player base is the worst case scenario. If the only reason for this decision is the ping from some European players (mine is 120 and i'm from germany), then the devs should think about it twice and put more brainpower in a solution like eve online, where the whole world is a big server cluster. I know its a different game but there has to be a solution other then splitting the player base. :/

    I really really have to think about twice no if i will play this game. Sad but true. From the start i was thinking that the whole Xsyon world will be one big server.

    Anyway, thx for making this decision now, cause making it later would be even worse.

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