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    Talking looking for mature guild (EU based if possible)


    Almost a year has passed since i preordered and it seems now is the time to find myself a guild. Some might still remember me from IRC.
    First of all i won't write an appication on your recruitment forums as i find it kinda pointless. We'll get to know each other in game anyway considering the amount of time spent together when playing MMOs.
    As there will be EU server i prefer to find a guild that will be on it. I usually play weekdays and less on weekends as i have to work. I don't care about alligment and will probably be a crafter primary.
    Playing with a bit more mature players worked a lot better in the past thats why i'm looking for a guild that has at least 18+ policy and acts 18+ too. For your information i'm 25.

    See you ingame

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    Hiya, we are but a few in EU and you will have to join the big guild where there are many in EU, albeit playing other games. A mature guild to say the least, you just meet the age requirement. Happy hunting and so forth...

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