Ok, I know that I've been posting a lot, but I've mulled over these thoughts for a few days and decided to finally post them all. This is the last one for today. I promise.

Xsyon makes you choose. I think all good rpgs should include choices to make. There are many people who survived with as many varied skill sets. Some are good at weaving, others have adapted to make armor out of bone, still others are handy with an axe and fell trees.

However, all of us, it would seem, are relatively proficient with melee weapons. Think about that for a moment. In a post apocalyptic world, when everyone is just starting to build it back up, we all know how to battle with axes, knives, and clubs? It just doesn't fit in my mind, from a realistic point of view like I outlined above, or from a gameplay point of view which I will go into further below.

Ok, so we all know how to fight. How does that affect the people who take up those roles though? An architect can build us a new home, a leather worker can clothe us, a weapon maker can help us defend ourselves. However, what about the guy who want to do the defending? He doesn't get to differentiate himself at character creation like everyone else. Everyone can battle bears and deer. Have you ever seen an angry deer? The idea of trying to kill one with a hatchet isn't very appealing for most people.

I believe it would greatly add to the in game synergy if not everyone started with a combat skill. It really isn't needed to achieve most things and characters of courageous spirit would be able to stand out and defend the camp when there was a threat. I think the the choice to be proficient in melee combat should be included with another pool of skills so that not everyone has the ability. It doesn't seem like such an achievement to slay a bear in the game atm. I know this from several videos. Shouldn't it though?