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    Keybinding for weapon swap is must!

    Ok so you run through forrest with your weapons equiped and stumble acroos bear u kill it! Time to skin WRONG time to open inventory and place knife and then skin so you skin it and while you collect bones you get sudenly attacked by another bear but all you have equiped is ur tiny knife so you press inventory while bear is attacking you and drag ur weapons by time you drag it your dead! LOOl oh well maybe i get quicker to swap weapoons next time you think silently to yourself...

    Well this need to be adressed we can carry weapons on back on belts on side of our legs but no Hot keys please please give us hotkeys!

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    I think that this is a good idea. They could put a cool-down/equip time of some type to balance it out a bit, but overall I think it's something that the game needs.

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    An obvious fix. It's a fundamental mechanic, and I'm not sure why the game is launching without it.

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    Definatly something that must be adressed, have died while fishin since I couldnt change gear quick enough. Either key for swapping gear or combat slot so when going into combat (keybind C), equipt gear switches to combat slots instead of tool slot.

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    Its good to see most of you agree!

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    Let me add my two cents..... I agree 100%. Its kind of funny, but now its a game unto itself to see how quickly I can open inventory, change weapons/tools, and back again. definitely needs fixing

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    keep supporting this thread lets get attentioon of devs ;-)

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