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    Some things that are bugging me.

    1) Having to be in a tribe to build buildings and tribes having a set radius they can build in.
    If I want to be a solo player and build a little hut out in the middle-of-nowhere why not let me? If I want to build a building in some tribes land, why not just let them be able to destroy it? I think being able to place buildings should be allowed pretty much anywhere by anyone. If I can't defend my building, then that's my problem but don't make the game mechanics restrict me.

    2) Choosing to be good or evil.
    I don't know if this has changed, but honestly, it's rather silly. Okay, so evil players can just go ahead and attack anyone they want, but good players can only attack evil players? I'm sorry, but if a good player sets up shop somehwere that has resources I need, and that player isn't willing to share or trade, then I want to be able to attack after I've exhausted other diplomatic means. And I don't want to choose from an option of being good or evil. I'd rather take a penalty hit. If FFA ganking is a problem, then put up some safe zones. It works wonders in EVE.

    3) The targetting circle.
    Yeah, I know this is purely superficial, but it drives me bonkers. I've played enough FPS and TPS games to know where something is.

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    on 1 I dont have an answer but I will illustrate what would happen.
    People will build structures in front of a tribes exit and make it hard to impossible for people inside to get out. Now, if they can destroy the structures easily then the question becomes why build a hut out in the middle of nowhere if people can distroy it easily? Perhaphs that is not a big deal I dont know but I am just laying out the pit falls that need to be thought about.

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    Reads some of the Q&A stuff in the developer's section.

    With (1)... destroying things might not be working yet.
    I think the plan with (2) is to be able to attack, but you'll have serious consequences. But that's not ready yet.

    As I said

    You may get to see some things that are going to come into place in the future.

    Also this is Prelude talk. Prelude won't last forever. Hopefully .

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