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Thread: Homesteads

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    what the difference between Tribes and Homesteads?
    Homestead is only for one person? 2 or 5 no?

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    No one knows really yet other than the homestead is more then likely going to be smaller, and maybe have a timer on disbanding after the totem is placed.

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    So if your going to be having a Homestead, your not allowed to plant your totem for 4 days?? Isnt this going to eliminate any good plots for the solo players unless its way out in the middle of nowhere?

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    Jooky confirmed to me in an email just yesterday, that tribes will take precedence over solo players for totem positions. This seems a clever way to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinslayer View Post
    Jooky confirmed to me in an email just yesterday, that tribes will take precedence over solo players for totem positions. This seems a clever way to do that.
    Looks like he might have changed his mind today....

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    So reduce the size of the homestead... simple solution!!

    That is what I am setting up.

    The plan to let tribes place totems first is to prevent griefing. Another potential solution is to not allow players to place a totem, then disband, then place, disband etc. which is too easy for solo players to do. If I can implement this then solo players will be able to start tribes the same day as tribes.
    A great way to keep solo players or small tribes from griefing and placing totem and then turn around and disbanding in order to move about is to place a timer on them... here is what he had to say about that..

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    You could always put a timer on "homestead" totem placement, once placed it CAN'T be disbanded for 24 - 36 hours, people would think about totem placement before just throwing one down anywhere.

    Yes, this is what I'd like to do, if I can. The announced solution is to prepare everyone in case I don't have time. There are many things that need to be dealt with right now.

    The main issue is not simply a solo totem claiming a lot of land. With the reduced land claim that should be ok. The main issue is other griefing tactics that have come to my attention.

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    more and more they take away my sand.... so what shall people do for the first few days?????? i love how i finally find a great game and then i hear about crap like this... and splitting game population into separate servers... how frustrating it is seriously... some people just got the middle finger pointed at them...jooky might as well say "we dont want you".

    there is an easier solution.... smaller radius for homesteads....and you cant abandon / redrop for a long time to prevent griefing. everyone should have equal footing at release, regardless of method of play type... otherwise just be honest and say we dont want your money and we dont want you in our game.. so here is how you get a refund.

    this is the lamest solution i have ever heard of... do they even realize how many will just not play over this? not just solo players but small groups of less than 10...

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    I must not understand the fix, because I don't see how it corrects the act of tribes planting totems around other tribes in order to keep them from expanding outward once Prelude is over. I read that Jooky is thinking of keeping a tribe's main town conquer-free so that means people could effectively encapsulate tribes, since their main towns would always be safe from conquer mechanics.

    The only way to grow would be to claim secondary+ lands away from your "main" town (if you can even get out of your main tribe area, since you can theoretically be surrounded, and post-Prelude will allow PvP inside of boundaries).

    If main towns are going to be conquer-free after Prelude, there are going to be problems.

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    They really should just drop the tribe area and let players build.

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    They simply need to make a tribes allotment the size of the tribe, rather than the maximum size of the tribe, which it is now. As tribes expand, they should need to negotiate or war to expand further, if tribes are blocking them, or move.

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    since the game is not complete and it's just prelude
    they should encourage people to join in small sized tribe around 10
    they will feel useless and get bored easily in a +30 tribe.

    Anyway what i am saying there should be small tribe, after the prelude they could join in village than cities
    when there will be much more skill

    i was trying to make a small sized tribe we were 4 i was trying to get around 5-10 people
    no 2 just left cause they heard about they are not allowing tribe with less than 10 people
    so what should i do now?

    i love this game and i wont quit but...

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