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Thread: The Crazies.

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    The Crazies.

    Just watched the movie The Crazies earlier. Was pretty damn awesome, I definitely recommend. Anyone here else seen it

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    Re:The Crazies.

    I just watched Event Horizon. They went a little crazy. Does that count?

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    Re:The Crazies.

    yes it does, bc that movie is also awesome. some pretty tense/scary scenes in both. The ending is great too.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    The Crazies was surprisingly good imo.
    Didn't like Event Horizon xP

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    Re:The Crazies.

    Tense yes, but not really scary. I'm sure I'll have nightmares tonight though.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    i remember watching event horizon when I was a bit younger, about when it first came out on DVD, whenever that was. Watched alone in the dark, had me pretty freaked I remember.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    I didn't really like Event Horizon either, but Lily has apparently failed to see practically every good movie ever made... and I suppose Event Horizon counts as a "good" movie, just not my style really.

    Hopefully she gets around to watching The Last Boyscout soon.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    Was that on the list? If not it'll have to go through Rougie for approval.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    If Rougie hasn't seen it either, he's as bad as you.

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    Re:The Crazies.

    Oh he's seen them all - we're just watching them together. Hmmm it's not on the list though. I'll keep it in mind though.

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