It is becoming easier and easier to game either on super high resolution screens, or across multiple screens.

I have tested the game at 3840x1024 (3 screen gaming), and unfortunately, the Field of View does not scale.

Usually this is configurable by tweaking an .ini, but in some games, the developers choose to lock this down.

My suggestion is to not lock this down, and to make it a setting through the front end.

Wide screen gaming makes those vistas even more breathtaking, even more immersive, and if you have not seen a game played wide screen, I highly encourage it. I have been gaming this way since 2002, starting with Planetside, and I would love if Xsyon could be played this way as well.

Considering that the latest patch optimizes the game for the low end, namely Netbooks, I would appreciate some love for the high end.

Happy to beta test this capability