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Thread: Deforestation!

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    I have serious concerns about Trees in the game. As I understand it trees are supposed to grow back within a few days of being chopped down as long as the stump was not destroyed. The problem is anyone can destroy stumps so the trees never grow back and the tribes in that area suffer.

    I think you should be able to destroy stumps on your tribal land to clear it for buildings and things but not in the open areas. Currently there is nothing stopping someone from destroying all the trees in an area.

    Is this supposed to be a game tactic?

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    i agree they should make trees in open areas so that stumps cant be destroyed or they should at least let us replant the trees.

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    Protect your area. Sucks while offline, but I don't necessarily have a problem with it. It's happened to me a few times, already.

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    Maybe the trees should give more logs as well, the proportions small or large logs dont seem right to some of the larger trees.
    To be honest, i havent seen lake tahoe, but i would think they'd be more trees than there are currently.

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    Considering the upcoming population boom and current wildlife/nature spawn system, I expect that all easily accessible resources (tree and animal) will be depleted in less than a few weeks. The remaining resources will pit opposing factions against each other in a battle for their acquisition.

    Being a member of a sizable tribe, and having traveled the land extensively in the past days, I have been exposed to the perils of extensive raw material gathering. The way things are set, I am concerned that we won't have anything to do other than kill each other before long. I am optimistic that upcoming features and tweaks will remedy this, but I feel we're left in the dark to wonder about our futures.

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    Maybe when a tree is cut down we could get a "seedling" that could be planted?

    I can also see where trees are going to be a Big Problem! Our tribe made the mistake of cutting down all the trees in our Tribe Area. Traveling to distant lands to get branches and wood is very time consuming. You can only carry 4 logs or branches at one time. Travel time for supplies is going to be a game breaker for some players.

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    You will be able to planet trees in the future. But last word was it would take about 2 rl days for the tree to grow.

    As far as cutting down trees go. You have to manage your resource useage. Just like junk piles and anything else in the game. All resources have a limited supply and you will need to manage that. You can't just clear cut the area and expect more trees to pop up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom316 View Post
    You can't just clear cut the area and expect more trees to pop up.
    While I completely agree with that statement, the current architect recipes are so timber heavy at a tribal scale, and the number of tribal zones so plentiful that stocks will be heavily taxed from the start. While logging quotas are enforced in the real world (not always mind you), there is no governing body to do so here outside of one's own tribal boundaries. There is also a matter of tribes which will inevitably be built and abandoned with the typical player base life cycle. The tree planting/growing mechanic or a (controlled) respawn must be established ASAP.

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    I think when chopping trees to logs, it should be just the one long size. IF you need small, then chop a long into a shorts. In tailoring and weaving, you start with grass or rags and make thread, the thread, makes string and the strings makes twine. Right now you can only get large or small logs for a single tree. Also, you can only carry one of ether at a time. When you have to go aways to get the wood can can only carry one at a time no matter it's size, it gets anoying.

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    I am currently under the assumption that planting will not be far behind. That said he might be waiting to see how the community works the existing world before putting it in.

    But yeah, please, if you dont need the space please leave the stump

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