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Thread: server down?

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    server down?

    hey all...just started playing game yesterday...pretty cool so far Tried looking in just a bit ago and keep getting bout server down or this why i cant log in??


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    Just tried to log in and got in without a problem

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    kk...thx i'll give it a try again

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    server has gone down several times today... is it really so hard to program a notification prior to this happening.... or at the least keep the server status thread accurate to the minute? that thread never gets updated... server gone down at least 3-4 times today... i realize its beta but communicate!!! people are doing stuff... its disruptive. geez

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    Hey guys, we are having some server crashes hence the lack of notifications. Xsyon is currently looking into the problem.

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    Thx! don't mind the downtime so long as we get some periodic updates if possible.

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    ok that is much appreciated... thanks... all we want is communication

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