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    Tzikal, the revered ones (Neutral Tribe)

    Tribal Focus

    Survival/Crafting Tribe

    Current Size: 18

    Player Focus: Mature, Social, Casual (No hard line commitments) All Time zones, English only

    Tzikal is focused on being a social, fun loving bunch. We are oriented towards digging deep into the core of Xsyon by focusing on building up and managing a village. Any preference is welcome in our tribe, although we are more focused on the crafting and survival aspects of the game. PvP will not be a major focus, but we will be prepared and capable of participating.

    Voice - Ventrilo server
    Webpage - This will be completed when final headcount and launch has taken place

    Recruitment Philosophy

    Tzikal will be accepting all types of players from all walks of life and any interest.

    We WANT - Fun loving, mature gamers who want to enjoy the game and work together.

    We DO NOT WANT - Whiners, the immature or people who are uninterested in contributing to the GROUP effort.

    Please PM me on here or contact Aberon in game if you are interested.

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    Great Tribe!!
    I just joined yesterday and immediately hooked up to the game because of these people.
    What a great work for them !!!! =) Bright future as well!

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    Charlie bit my finger...

    Hey Charlie, hope you poke through the forums at some point, Send me a PM if you see this, I wasn't able to get your email address and therefore can't send you the pertinent information about the Tribe now that characters have been wiped.

    Edit: Straylight, if you read this your email doesn't work, I must have written it down wrong. So same for you as well about the PM.

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    Played together a while ago, it was fun, hope we can do lots of stuffs after 18!

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    The tribe is well established now, and beta is almost over. So I hope to hear from anyone interested in us, we've become rather sizable and can't wait to hear from you

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