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    Why more than 1 server is a bad idea

    Ok folks, I bought Xsyon pretty much when it was first announced and have been sitting on the side lines watching progress and with todays announcement of having multiples servers I just had to chime in.

    As we all know Xsyon will always be a niche game with a relatively small player base. I have been playing Wurm Online for 5 years and know this to be true due to the nature of the sandbox game.

    One of the worst decisions made in Wurm Online was to split the user community over multiple servers as it completely dilutes your already small user community even further.

    The last thing Xsyon needs (in my opinion) is multiple servers. I think you will be struggling enough to fill one server yet alone two.

    The approach that should be taken is a single server (world) with a rule set that can accommodate the needs of your community. If that means some safe areas, and additional rules, then so be it.

    An arguement about Ping times between Europe and the USA to justify two servers in my opinion is mute. I live in Australia and we are lucky to get 300ms pings for any games as they are predominately USA based but we manage. It is not a real issue with this type of sandbox/predominately crafting type game.

    I say this to the developers: Please reconsider your decision for multiple servers. I think in the long term it will be a mistake.

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    I agree. The only reason I would disagree would be if it effected combat in a serious way.

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    + 1, second server is a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drivec View Post
    I agree. The only reason I would disagree would be if it effected combat in a serious way.
    Ping WILL affect combat once they revamp it. 2 servers are fine.

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    Ping doesnt affect combat, learn to adjust your timing and youre fine. Im from Australia, so believe me, I know what Im talking about.

    Btw, theres a big big thread about this in General Discussion with dev input.

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    He's clarified that there will only be one server, and they will split if they actually need it because of population.

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    No need to make multiple servers when you can cluster them to make one more powerful server to house the player-base.

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    I disagree. The pvp-focused crowd makes it pretty clear in this forum that they don't want safe areas or real consequences of any kind, and the carebear crowd either wants safe areas or severe consequences for killing and destruction or both. I see no indication that the two groups will come to any agreement and all attempts at compromise seem likely to make both sides dissatisfied. It is true that I am new to the game, and I have browsed the forum only rarely over the past few months, but I have played several games where the community was similarly divided on this issue, and I think it's worse to leave these two groups together and bickering with each other than it is to separate them. Besides, more choices for the players is rarely a bad thing.

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    From what I've seen about this game it's one of the few where the developers listen to the community on decisions that matter not what a core group want. A decision as drastic as this with such a low populace, would truly destroy the economy let alone the sandbox feel. 50 ping difference does not make up for the drastic impact such a decision will have on the community.

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