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    Australasia's Tribe


    We are a new tribe that intends to be a small, friendly and helpful community.

    Location: Australasia
    Anticipated size: 5-15 active players.
    What is expected
    You will be expected to help the tribe grow and thrive, but in no means you will be forced to do something you do not enjoy. We will not however tolerate slacking.

    You will be provided with the tools and items you require within reason.

    Our goal is to have fun playing the game whilst progressing and evolving into a working community with al
    l playing styles being welcomed.

    sorry for the double post but maybe it will be easy to find some people from our time zone.

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    Come to harl..everything is already done for you and we can combine forces heh

    We based in Australia

    We will be evil tho so our hardcore PVPers can get a fix :P

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