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    make night darker?

    i think its too lighted up, we wont need torches or anything, we can see till the horizon, i think it should be darker for everyone so we get to use torches, wich can be viewed...etc.

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    Im not sure what the graphics engine allows, its not always as simple as we may hope, but I truly loved the atmosphere the night gave us in Mortal Online, it really brought life to the world around when night fell. Would love to see it darken more in Xsyon to.

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    I think I agree. Although lie Exodus101 said, it might not be as easy as we think. You have think of lighting effects, glow effects, etc. Would be neat though if you had to have torches. Would also give a little more meaning to camp fires if you had to rely on those as markers when its night.

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    Yes night in MO are very immersive, i'd like to see the same in Xsyon.

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    Back when the game servers came up early last year, night time was SO dark you could not see the ground you walked on. The darkness was so dark that you had to do everything by sound till you got a fire built. Once fire was built you could see the immediate area and that was it. Dark was DARK!

    I do agree that it could use a small adjustment, and I hope that the ambient sounds get turned back on soon too, it adds so much to the game as well.

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    Fallen Earth was a pain to the eyes during ingame nights(and basically there was always night), when sun was shining brighter outside(real life).
    Xsyons darkness level is about right for me.

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    it could add just a LOT of inmersion to the game, and posibilites. give us dark night and tools to deal with it plz.

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    There is a problem with this, it was figured that the game looks differently on different computers. Its pitch black for me and others at night. Right now its not so bad but don't forget guys that its winter, everything is covered with white snow, you can see much better in real life too if you have snow.

    When there is no snow on the ground I can hardly see anything, can't see the baskets right beside me, can hardly see my own character.

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    I think it's to stop the confusion of new players entering the world at night and thinking there is something wrong with the game. But ya it would be nice to have it darker so fires and torches are actually needed.

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    I agree that it is dark enough. But then again it could be my graphics card setting or my monitor settings that are messed up. If it gets too dark there is always ways to combat it through gamma setings, but I would rather not have to resort to that. I do think that torches are a nice idea though.

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