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    Suggestion (Minor): Emote bar too long

    The emote bar is awkwardly placed because its too long.

    Recommendation: Make it smaller and boxed shaped so that it can fit nicely to the left of the main action bar. You can even make it smaller and just have it scroll more than it does currently.

    In addition, I would have mouse over scripts saying what the emote is. IMO the icons are too small to see clearly.

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    I agree. I have no idea what they do because they are so small I cant see them clearly.

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    A box shape that has a button, when you click the button the box opens, when you choose the emote the box closes.
    Another option would be to have the whole strip going along the top of the hotkey command bar, its long enough lol

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    people can usually determine my mood by what I say not by a stupid smiley face... I don't want or need to see 120893471209378120938 icons at the bottom of the screen. Delete them and have an option to open an icon window for those candy enough to want emotes.

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    You know you can move the emote bar, right? Just grap the border of the small button.

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