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Thread: So what now?

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    So what now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon
    We are in the process of setting up a second Xsyon world on European servers!
    The European servers should be available before the end of the month.
    Quote Originally Posted by Letter response from Jooky to some MMORPG member
    Hello Loke,

    I will add the second server ONLY if we need it. I am simply being prepared. Darkfall does have EU and US servers, and they are kept completely separate. I would allow players to play on both servers as they choose.

    We can't be compared to EVE. They have a massive budget and different technology. They run on many servers connected. We don't have the ability to do this right now, and setting up a system like this with our current team (2 programmer) in a few weeks is an impossibility.

    So, I'm simply preparing just in case. I won't turn on a second server if it's not needed.

    I hope that alleviates your concerns.
    Found on MMORPG forums

    I don't think this guy is trolling. (You can expect everything from this tainted community though)

    So what the hell is going on? Are they releasing the EU server or not?

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    Hes not trolling, Xsyon posted it last night in response to the outbreak on the forums.

    The EU server wont be opened unless the population requires it.

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