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    Looking for a tribe

    Hello everyone, I am a new Xsyon player and would like to find a tribe that is the right fit for me. I'm a goal oriented player and like to experiment with different play-styles. I do tend to focus on combat/PvP but again this is goal oriented. I got the PK, kill everything I see mentality out of my head years ago on UO. This is what killed Darkfall for me, the PvP had no purpose, there was nothing to gain/lose and no real consequences. So, I am glad they are waiting to enable tribal warfare, to give the rest of the game a chance to develop. That said I also enjoy Minecraft so you can definitely say I am a hybrid sort of player. If the systems and gameplay behind a playstyle are fun I am totally open to it (provided it has RPG elements, I save my FPS and action gaming for consoles)

    I work full time so I won't be on that much during the week. I am located in Connecticut, USA so I am EST (GMT -5).

    So to sum it up I'm looking for a mature, well-organized tribe with plans. I tend to like guilds/tribes/whatever you want to call it that have some sort of RP backdrop (I'm a member of the Duchy of Wessex in MO) but this isn't a necessity or anything. I have Ventrilo/Mumble/Teamspeak and a headset. Because of my job my hours may be a bit more casual but I am by no means a casual gamer.

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    Hey, welcome to Xsyon! Seems like people are finding their way here in droves. Anyway, you might like what Hopi ( has to offer. We're a mature guild with goals in mind and over a year's worth of experience following the game. A lot of us are new to the game and tribe, but the leadership has been around since at least February of 2010. We have a Ventrilo server, but do not require our members to use it. With that said, we have members from all over the place who can only devote so much time to the game. If you have restricted hours of play due to work or any other RL activities, we don't care as long as you're enjoying yourself when you're online.

    Hope to see you around!

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    You'll absolutely love us. We want to be a force in the world. We will persue our goals economically, militarily, and diplomatically. We've got some friends form Darkfall who we can ally with, and we've rocked people in PvP before. We will strive to be an economic hub as well. I plan on letting our violent, devil-may-care attitude out, and I also plan on making us a force to be respected. People should be able to trade in our area, unless we don't like them or don't approve of them. In that case, we'll just kill them. We're VERY hybrid as well. We don't engage in RP, but we don't mind it at all.

    Also, I grew up in Fairfield County ^_^

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    Hey Bodangly. Feel free to check out the Audacian Republic. We are a light-medium RP guild, we focused on strategic PvP and city building, so we treasure combatants and crafters alike. We were quite large at one point in MO, but of course because of the game and its devs, we lost a lot of players over some time. We are starting here in Xsyon with a core group of players that were in our guild in MO, some from US, some from EU, and even me, from Australia. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, or jump on our forums if youre interested. Links are in my sig. Good luck, and enjoy the game.

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