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    Has anyone gotten in?

    I haven't been able to get past loading zones for about 26 hours.

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    Well must be unlucky timing he he, but currently they are working on the server. it crashes / is taken down a lot atm.

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    Still getting stuck at loading zones x.x

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    So is no one in yet? or am I just getting the loading zone bug?

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    I just logged in

    Are you still having problems?

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    I just got in but then I crashed, trying again right now

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    Looks like It's getting stuck at loading zones again.

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    try to change start zone,remake the char.

    Idk why this happens at some players only

    If you crash send the clinet and crash log to the bug tracker thread on forums please.the crash log and client log are at the log folder in game directory.


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    It's so close to release, so don't expect it to be stable.
    In the time being, just sit back and relax, I'm sure every crash/fault is there for a reason!

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