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    Extramly Active British player LF Active fun tribe

    Hello im looking for an active EU and US tribe with ts3 or ventrilo, prefer ts3 :P
    im a very active player and looking for a group of guys who can have a laugh and speak freely. post here with details and ask me some questions if you wish

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    Welcome and check my sig....

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    Hey Gis, I noticed you put "speak freely". LOL, very fucking freely if I remember right, haha. Welcome to Xsyon mate, hope you have fun. Drop into Vent again for chats mate.

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    Anyone that "prefers" TS3 is 100% win imo...

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    Pandemic Tribe is seeking out more mature people to join our group and have lots of fun crafting and pvp! We offer Stable tribe expierienced players from beta days, vibrant tribe and pvp raids. We know RL comes first! Your welcome to check us out on forums here We have teamspeak 3 and forums for all ur uses.. 20 member tribe with great selection of people younger chaps and older too... send me mail if intrested or whisper in game Inquisitor.. good luck

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    United Kingdom, North Yorkshire.
    Join the Templars, we have a few British players, including myself.

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    *Another British from Templars calling in*

    We have a TS3, plus forums (post us an app!) =]

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    TS3 FTW.

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