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    My first 2 1/2 hours in xsyon!

    This game is trully a diamond in the ruff!I can see myself playing this already for a long time.The combat system is not as bad as some people make it out to be.

    so there i was standing all alone only with an axe in my hand and a pack on my back.I looked around and decided i was going to make my way to the southern point of the lake and about 5 minute into my walk meant up with a guy so i tried to kill him and i died!
    then i started to figure things out alittle looked at all my windows and such and continued my journey,next i came across 3 guys all fishing with thier backs turned to me so wacked e couple in the back of the head with my axe and the fight was on ,this time 3vs 1 but somehow i managed to run away this now i figure out i better eat so i start to forage and cant find anything.wel just as i start walking here is another chap seems to be getting wood so i wait for him to leave destroy all his logs then when he comes back i kill him and take his fishing rod.PERFECT now i can feed bam first 2 casts i catch fish man im on my path to the south side of the lake i run into another poor chap this guys picking grass and i wait for the perfect moment to stirke just as he grasps for another handfull of grass.go pick grass somewheres else you hippy NOT ON MY WATCH and bam i get myself this nice grass hat.
    the next guy i find and kill i looted an axe now im figuring i better find myself a nice place to live and stash my things away before the hand of karma comes and i loose everything i have worked so hard for or i mean others have worked so hard for!oh and i even killed 3 coyotes!

    P.S im just having fun for now pls forgive me.when the server starts for real ill be way more diplomatic!
    well mabye depends how much fun being a crazed hermit murdering thief is!

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    thanks vadio man this game is even more fun then i thought i was actually giggling like a school girl most of the time as i was playing!lol!

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    And the game gets its first sociopath...

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    trust me it will make the game feel alot more real and give it a sense of risk.And damn man i just survived an apocalypse and a man has gotta eat!

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    and a man has gotta eat!

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    If combat is somehow well made ( remember Dev didn't really work on combat) other games are really in trouble...looking at DF and Mortal Online

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    in b4 angry carebears going crazy ^^

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    w00t love to read positive first impressions from crazy pvper's^^ (I'm one). Glad to have ya! Hope you keep keeping us on our toes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wormofsorts View Post
    ... and bam i get myself this nice grass hat.
    that was funny, you fought someone for a grass hat? seriously? too funny

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