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    Starting out (tools/basketry)

    its all good that this game isnt easy for solo players and stuff...

    but dont you think its a bit unlucky that if you start out without proper tools to make your own baskets you will spend A LONG time just deleting and throwing away important stuff from the scraps while you grind your toolworks up just because you cant carry it all and you cant store it anywhere?

    some sort of basic storage container should be craftable for everyone very soon or am i missing something

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    Just try to trade for a weaver and lasher. They are very basic tools, easy to make so I'm sure toolcrafters will give them away even for free if you ask for one.

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    Or try to trade for a few baskets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delvie View Post
    Or try to trade for a few baskets.
    ^^^^^ THIS!!!

    "Hello, do you by chance have a basket I can trade for? I have 20 bolts I found earlier I can trade for one."

    Not hard really.

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    yes i tried that.
    asked 2 guys and stood 10 minutes in front of them but they were afk lol

    im not even playing solo. its ok that its hard but at least the beginning shouldnt force you to throw away hundreds of materials

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    It doesn't really. Heck, we had like 10 of 'em pre-wipe.

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    Oh. Trade for them then.

    *edit* wait two and a half days, then trade for them.

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    yes instead of giving basic storage containers you have to wait 2 days before you can play or you have to destroy your entire scrap hill because you cant store it without the tools

    cmon guys, think a bit

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