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    Talking Tribal dancing! Wouldnt that be cool?

    Ok as this is very tribal orientated game I think I like to see in future option of beeing able to do tribal dance with other tribe people wouldnt that be cool? I think that would be great in most mmo's you can dance why not xsyon perhaps in future eh? Just and idea... ;-)

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    Tribal dance to generate "mana' to tribe spells :P ( aka Black & White 1 or 2 )

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    the /dance command is very basic for all mmorpg, more important then battle or crafting system!

    Just joking, but true, dancing should be added one day. No idea why, but dancing seems to be one of the favourit actions people do in mmorpgs hehe.

    Or maybe even make a skill out of it, like in Star Wars Galaxies? The only game I saw yet with Dancer as Class, or Musican. Really nice

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    Oooh musician would be a cool class. You make instruments for people to play around the fire, like in LoTRO where you can all play together. Hmmm there is another thing you would need stools to sit on can anyone make furniture in this game yet?

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    Dancing and perty dancing dresses!

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    I like absolutely all of this, even pperty dancing dresses.

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    I kinda like the idea!

    Maybe the more people you have participating in the tribe dance, the better. Whatever effects the dance would give should be scaled with how many participate.

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