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    Exclamation Windows mode for GOD SAKE! Its Pain!

    Ok so you start game woot woot... you wanna watch film so you think you can change into window mode so you change settings and game ask for restart! Abit annoying so now i have to leave game and go back into it. Ok so you restart and realise you forgot to check window mode you only changed resolution now you trying to click option button GOD DAM the location of mouse when you try click button dont corespond to location of button so you try manovring at bottom of screen your mouse so it highlits button but keep hiting your windows taskbar after couple tries you get btter at it and manage to click windows mode... So you restart again finaly you playing in windows mode ^^..

    Scenario 2 you rpess alt tab works like 3 times then it crashes game...

    We really need to be able to change to windows mode more easyer without even restarting game that needs to be looked at for sure!

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    Borderless window mode FTW! Giev, or fix the alt-tab crash.

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