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    Scavenging suggestion

    Have a suggestion regarding scavvin, that might not suit all but here's my nickle.

    How about havin better odds of finding certain items on logical places, like saw blade close to trees, picks close to stone and mountain sides. Some items I know might not have a specific or suitable place, already know that, but others might. This could ease but definatly not garantue that one finds what one is looking for.

    Might also make people move around more and not just hover on the garbage heaps...

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    I think that would make this game way too easy. It would also harm crafts such as the toolcrafter and weaponcrafter. Why bother having those crafts when you could just scavenge those items right next to the resources you want. Also, no one is stopping you from scavenging in places other than the scrap piles. However, you're more likely to scavenge items in a scrap pile, which makes sense.

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    yea it should be random, when you start to spawn stuff in specific areas people tend to camp them, and this is open pvp so this would be messy depending on how close you are to warring tribes.

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