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Thread: Windowed mode

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    Windowed mode

    Just wondering if anbody could help. i switched the game to windowed, restarted, and now i cant press the buttons with my mouse cursor?? tried restart of game and pc.

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    You have to aim abit under the keys with your mouse

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niburu View Post
    You have to aim abit under the keys with your mouse
    yeah and this is QUITE annoying lol

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    will try some more, thanks!

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    just so it dont seem its a for all issue, window mode here is no problem in any res size, buttons and mouse location function as you would expect..

    Ill sudgest its to do with settings you have on ur control panel for gfx card, just like the lines you can get on the UI when forcing AA with card at times..

    fiddle and you will fix it im sure..

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    yup defo not a universal problem. fixed it now. game is good so far, stopping myself playing tho as im getting attached now i have learnt how to play! will wait till 18th! thanks for help all.

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