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    Regarding Tribal Zones/Homesteads

    Are tribe members allowed to construct homesteads outside of (and apart from) their Tribal zone?

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    I have to be honest I am curious too.

    I would love to be a member of a large tribe and have a hunting cabin in the woods. I could see reasons why they would want to limited that but I think it depends on the population level and space on the server

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    I do not believe there is a game mechanic for this, you are a leader/member of a tribe or the leader/member of a homestead. If he allows for homesteads to have more then one person. If you could be both, you could have your entire tribe claim land around your tribal area therefor creating a buffer zone for your tribal land. This could in essence take up an entire zone depending on the size of the original tribe.

    Also, if you were allowed to have both you or your tribe could lay claim to an entire river lets say, or an entire junk pile. You could land lock a player that was enemy to the tribe. I don't see being able to do both.

    However, in the future there will be sub-totems. A totem that is placed X meters away from the original tribe totem. Within this zone all the powers and benefits of the tribal zone will apply. You could have a sub-totem placed for you perhaps to start your own area, but still be part of the larger tribe.

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    As much as this would be cool I think this shouldnt happen. There really has to be a trade off someplace for being a part of a large tribe over playing solo. Solo players are gonna get the shaft in so many ways as it is just because they chose to play solo. And there should be a downside to chosing to play in a large tribe too. Rigth now that downside is you can't go out and claim your own land for yourself. I for one think it should stay that way. You want your own private home away from home, drop from the tribe and run solo...with all the bad parts that come with that one perk.

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