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    Harlequin Clan Recruiting!! PVP Based (EVIL)

    Hi all..

    We have been heavilly active in Darkfall and Mortal Online and had a succesfull run as PVPers..We are mature aged men who like to have fun.

    We certainly dont grief and have been labeled the best of the red side of most games..We always respect our foes and are always open to diplomatic discussions

    Harlequin is about to Launch into Xyson and are recruiting.

    You are more than welcome to view our website for more information

    We currently have 170 active/registered members across all games and looking to expand into Xsyon!

    We look forward to receiving your application

    PS We are Australian Based but welcome applications from all countries!

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    Just to confirm.. we will be on the EVIL side.

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    Greetings Destroyer. Glad to see you found something to fill your gaming void. Aegis Imperium sends their best regards, and we look forward to meeting you in-game. =D

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    HARL, AI, Myrm, and AR are all here? Damn

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    Few of us FOR are roaming around; maybe we will meet again old friend or new fiend ? XD

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    I heard rumors of Wessex making the switch as well...

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    Good to see some familiar faces and clans!!No doubt we will be chatting again soon

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    Hey Destroyer, what are the normal play times of your tribe? I am looking for a PVP type tribe but am located in Seattle.

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    We are +8 - +10 Timezone but have a mix match of different people in the clan so we can be on at all times!!

    Mostly australian if your a late night gamer its a good choice

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    Numbers growing good time to send in your apps

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