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    New English player looking for good ligned mature!

    Hi all.

    I have picked the game up recently and have spent a week in game so far. i have spent most of my time looking around and exploring and maybe a little crafting terraforming etc just to test it out. But by no means in any depth at all.

    I am planning on the long haul here so want to find myself a good aligned mature Tribe. I dont use teamspeak much as i play downstairs while the missus watches tv haha! i am a dedicated hard working player who doesnt mind a grind/pvp/ or just having fun.

    I am friendly and polite. Helpful and social.

    I cant promise 4 hours every night but can say that this game will be my biggest passtime while at home. I generally pop on most nights and spend from 1.5 hours to 4 hours. Sometimes more sometimes less.

    Anyway hope to here of a few tribes looking for new players and if not i will be setting up home alone untill i find a tribe of my type!

    See you all soon.
    Oakwynd Falconeye.

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    sent you a private msg...

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    Even though we are neutral I think you might want to give us a look:

    191st Expeditionary Battalion

    The Wolverines are a chapter of the RP-PvP Guild the Silver Sun Republic. You can find information at this link:

    You can also check us out at to get more info and apply for the unit.

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    Hopi is still accepting applications, check us out if you like

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    Check my sig....

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    What a shame you dont use Vent. Apart from that, you sounded promising

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    Thanks you for all the messages and offers.

    I have recently accepted an offer from a tribe that i feel really fits my playstyle but look forward to meeting you all in game.

    Again thank you for taking the time to offer friendship.

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