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    homesteads are in! :)

    Update February 16

    EDIT: There is one problem left over from the last build. A glitch caused scheme data to save multiple times and this is causing some players to time out during loading. The server has been fixed, however I would need to wipe the database to clear out the duplicated data. If you are getting stuck, deleting your character fixes this problem.

    The server and client have been updated.

    Features and Revisions

    - /unstuck command Yes, it's about time! You can now /unstuck yourself to teleport 5 meters ahead if you're trapped in a tight spot. This command can be used only once every 3 minutes and the timer is set if you are at all in combat.

    - Tribes and Homesteads. The separation of Tribes and Homesteads is set up. Homesteads require only one player but do not expand. They can be placed close together. Tribes require 5 members and require a maximum space between tribes.

    - Tribe timers. There is now a time limit of 6 hours between creating tribes. There is a 30 minute tribe limit between joining tribes. So think carefully after the final wipe before you select and place your totems!

    - Safe starting locations. The starting locations (including the new Founder's Isle location) are now small safe zones to prevent griefing these spots right after the final wipe. These will be removed after tribes settle in and once we add a feature where tribes can select themselves as starting locations for new players.

    - Display for who hunted, gathered, scavenged items (as long as they are not merged). This will be used for the quest system in the near future to ensure the questor actually hunts and gathers the required items.


    - Merging of objects corrected for merging quality and durability.

    - Twigs can be properly used in crafting now.

    That's all for now!

    Great news everybody can be happy now

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    I'm glad he found a solution. Plus, if homesteads are small, they won't interfere with the land grab by actual tribes too much.

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    Huge thanks for 5 player tribes! Now I can play with my co-workers (Not quite 10)! Huzzah!

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    /unstuck into a fortified settlement once gates are in?

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    Nice but 30 min to rejoin a tribe is a bit low.

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    Sorry if I'm asking a question previously talked about but what is the Founder's Isle location?

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    Quote Originally Posted by parkezu View Post
    Sorry if I'm asking a question previously talked about but what is the Founder's Isle location?
    The Founders Isle is located in the middle of the Lake.

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    Im glad that this is settled and everyone can start playing on same day.

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    Yes well done for getting it all sorted and also an added bonus that homesteads can be placed quite close! so maybe soloers can expand with friends.

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    What If i start a tribe with 5, and start building. Then 1 or 2 members quit. Do I lose my tribe status?

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